Mariage royal honey Gold honey Jardin Epicure


Between luxury and the essence of nature, the marriage between gold and honey from the Jura massifs is the expression of French luxury and uniqueness. 


A journey in Jura Massifs with Jardin Epicure

Jardin Epicure Provence honey Lavender honey


Lavender from Provence, the ultimate perfume from the south of France. Jardin Epicure lavender honey is a call to travel to Provence. The smell and taste of magnificent Provence

A journey in Provence with Jardin Épicure

Champagne honey Jardin Epicure French honey


The Champagne region is internationally renowned for its wines but is also the cradle of exceptional flower honey. Between vineyards and century-old villages, this honey is the essence of the hard work of bees

A Journey in Champagne with Jardin Épicure

Jardin Epicure French honey Aquitaine honey


Aquitaine buckthorn honey is a concentrate of sweetness and character. Its notes of caramelized banana appeal to the greatest number of people

A journey in Aquitaine with Jardin Épicure

Cher Honey Coriander honey Jardin Epicure


Coriander honey offers a distinctive flavor with subtle coriander notes, setting it apart from other honey varieties. Its subtle aroma, a blend of coriander, flowers, and occasionally citrus, makes it a unique choice for culinary and beverage applications.

A journey in Cher with Jardin Épicure​

Lorraine Honey Linden Honey Jardin Epicure


Amber in color, this honey is gathered mainly from linden flowers whose summer flowering is ephemeral. Its scent is characteristic: pronounced and slightly minty. With a creamy consistency, it is the undeniable ally of the evening infusion which precedes a good night’s sleep. It also goes wonderfully well with summer fruits in pastries or compotes…

A journey in Lorraine with Jardin Épicure​

Jardin Épicure's products are natural and recognized as full of tastes and benefits.
Each product is the fruit of a french region know-how.

France in a jar, the aim of our unique products. 

High-end and high quality products that represent French craftsmanship.  


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